SAVE UP TO $649.98: Through March 31, Verizon is running a promo that unlocks a free Nintendo Switch (a $299.99 value) plus your choice of a free Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go (a $349.99 value) or a $200 Target gift card when you switch to Verizon 5G Home Internet.

Nintendo Switch deals are nearly as elusive as a reliable release date for the Nintendo Switch 2. But amid a $25 gift card with your Switch purchase at Best Buy or a $50 gift card with your Switch OLED purchase at Dell, Verizon’s current promo gets you a Switch for free — under one condition. Through March 31, Verizon will throw in a Nintendo Switch when you switch to Verizon Home Internet.

That $299.99 savings is also stackable with other Home Internet freebies: Through April 10, you can also choose between a free Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go (which retails for $349.99) or a free $200 Target gift card by switching your internet at home to Verizon.

This could come to a total savings of $649.98 if you opt for the Chromebook or $499.99 savings if you opt for the gift card. Though the discount is indirect, it’s major if you were already eyeing either of these devices (or, of course, eyeing $200 worth of stuff at Target).

Unlocking both free items requires a switch to the premium 5G Home Plus plan, which starts at $45 per month. Compared to the regular 5G tier, 5G Home Plus offers higher download speeds, ultra HD 4K video streaming rather than 1080p, and Verizon Cloud Unlimited, and comes with a router and whole-home WiFi rather than a single wireless router. If you’re switching from another service provider mid-contract, Verizon will also help cover early termination fees up to $500 through a credit.


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