Best Cyber Monday deals on AR and XR glasses:
Our top pick

XREAL Air Glasses

$271 at Amazon
(save $108)

Upgrade pick

VITURE One XR/AR Glasses

$389 at Amazon
(save $50 with on-page coupon)

Whether you’re a serious gamer or an absolute workaholic, AR glasses can be useful to you. They basically act as a huge monitor screen in a small package — and they’ll eliminate the need to stare down at tiny phone or tablet screens (goodbye, neck and back pain!). Watch your favorite shows and movies, play your favorite games, or work on the go without needing to bring along bulky tech gear.

We’ve found a handful of AR glasses on sale ahead of Cyber Monday. Check out our top picks below:

Our top pick

XREAL Air Glasses

$271 at Amazon (save $108)

Why we like it

If you’ve dreamed of a lightweight version of a VR headset, the XREAL Air Glasses will get you pretty close to that experience. Mashable reviewer RJ Andersen said that the XREAL Air glasses are a “truly comfortable and stylish entry point into AR and wearable technology that can be used as an external monitor or 3D headset.” Andersen notes that the XREAL Air glasses are ideal for Samsung device die-hards and hardcore gamers — and for a limited time, you can grab them for over $100 off at Amazon thanks to this sweet Cyber Weekend deal.

Read our full review of the XREAL Air glasses.

More early Cyber Monday deals on AR and XR glasses

Rokid Max AR Glasses$299 $379 (save $80)

RayNeo Air 2 AR Glasses$349 $379 (save $30)

VITURE One XR/AR Glasses$389 $439 (save $50 with on-page coupon)

XREAL Air AR Glasses $271 $339 (save $68)

Rokid AR Joy Pack AR Glasses$449 $499 (save $50 with on-page coupon)

Rokid Air AR Glasses$199 $319 (save $120)

XREAL Air AR Glasses $399 $429 (save $90)

INMO Air 2 AR Glasses4399 $699 (save $200 with on-page coupon)


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