We’re only three days into Trump’s trial, but there’s already been plenty of drama — from Trump being shown memes of himself during jury selection to the former president’s random feud with Jimmy Kimmel on his off day.

Stephen Colbert was quick to jump to Kimmel’s defence on Wednesday, just like he was quick to take a few more jabs at the president on Thursday while wrapping up the trial’s third day.

“It’s just day three of the hush money trial here in New York, New York, the city that never sleeps — unless you’re Donald Trump in a courtroom,” Colbert says in the clip above, before mocking Trump’s Truth Social post moaning that he isn’t allowed unlimited jury strikes.

“Yes, strikes,” says Colbert. “Famously unlimited. That’s why umpires yell, ‘Strike three! You’re at the start of a beautiful journey.'”


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