TL;DR: As of April 23, the TYPE S 12V Battery Jump Starter, which has integrated jumper cables, a USB-C cable, and a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad — is on sale for only $69.99 (reg. $119). 

A dead battery on your phone can be inconvenient. A dead battery in your car could be a whole lot worse depending on where you are. You might already have jumper cables in the trunk, but there’s no guarantee another car is going to come around. Instead, you may be able to jump your car yourself and charge your phone right after all using the same device. 

The TYPE S 12V Jump Starter and Power Bank is a compact answer to a variety of low batteries. It has built-in jumper cables and can charge USB-C or Qi-compatible devices, and it still only costs $69.99 (reg. $119).

Great for camping, road trips, or emergency kits

It may not be much bigger than your phone, but this little gadget could be make a big difference in an emergency. The TYPE S has a built-in 8,000mAh power bank that you can use to jump-start a car battery or charge a variety of mobile devices. 

Use the integrated jumper cables to start engines up to 6.0L or diesel engines up to 3.0. Jumping your car can be intimidating at first, but the TYPE S has protection for over-discharge, polarity, low voltage, and reverse charging. Plus, you can always check the LCD screen for a step-by-step guide to jumping your car along with safety notifications. 

Need to signal another car on the road? Or maybe just find your phone at night? The TYPE S also has LEDs with multiple lighting presets. Use the flashlight to light the way or signal in an emergency with red hazard lights. 

Charging your phone is a little easier. Use the integrated USB-C cable for wired charging or put Qi-enabled devices on the wireless charging pad. 

Jump your car or charge your phone

Whether the battery is in your car or your phone, this portable power bank could be the difference between a little delay and a major disaster. 

For a limited time, get the TYPE S 122V Battery Jump Starter and Power Bank for $69.99. 

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