TL;DR: Through March 10, get Rosetta Stone and StackSkills lifetime subscriptions together for $151.99 with the sitewide coupon ENJOY20.

When you think about learning, your mind likely goes back to school days of homework and tests — not exactly happy memories. But, now that you’re an adult, learning something new can come in many other forms, like studying a new language with Rosetta Stone or taking self-paced online courses with StackSkills.

Redefining your learning experience is exactly why this bundle includes lifetime access to them both. Plus, you can use this 20% off sitewide coupon to get the bundle for $151.99 (reg. $189.99) for a limited time.

StackSkills: 1,000+ self-paced online courses

With StackSkills, you don’t have to sit through lectures on subjects that don’t truly interest you, or cram for exams — just explore its library of 1,000+ courses, find some that interest you, and work through them completely at your own pace. The best part? If there’s a lesson or module that doesn’t excite you, you could simply skip it.

You might find courses in software development, art, marketing, small business, self-growth, IT certifications, fitness, and many other subjects. Plus, around 50 new courses are added each month, so you almost always have something new to learn.

Rosetta Stone: 25 available languages

The other half of your lifetime learning bundle is Rosetta Stone, an award-winning language-learning app with 25 available dialects. This wide selection includes text-based languages like French, Italian, and German, and logographic languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. 

Rosetta Stone’s lessons help you build conversational skills like understanding and speaking, as well as reading and writing for full comprehension. You can even practice your accent with a native speaker search engine that allows you to listen and mimic their voices, and speech-recognition software that tests your pronunciation.

Create new and happy learning experiences with StackSkills and Rosetta Stone lifetime access for $151.99 (reg. $189.99) with code ENJOY20 at checkout, valid until March 10 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

StackSocial prices subject to change.


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