TL;DR: As of March 15, get this 2024 Cybersecurity Developer and IT Skills bundle of courses for just $59.97.

There’s more than one way to learn the fundamental skills you might need in the IT industry, and learning on your own might be a whole lot cheaper than going to college before you’re ready. Studying on your own may not be the same as getting a formal certification or degree, but it could still help you get acquainted with the industry or even an entry-level job.

If you’re ready to start learning core concepts in cybersecurity and IT, get the 2024 Cybersecurity Developer and IT Skills bundle while it’s on sale for only $59.97.

Start your IT education

This bundle on its own doesn’t come with an official certification in IT or cybersecurity, but the skills you take from it could be an effective introduction to the industry, and there are even CompTIA prep courses if you do want to seek out an official certification exam. 

Courses cover a range of topics from Microsoft Azure to Linux, penetration testing, coding with Python, managing mobile security, and a whole lot more. All course materials are available for life, so you can take as long as you want to study them. That works out well because there’s over 400 hours of video lessons to work through, but courses aren’t linear, so you can pick and choose courses based on the topic you’d like to learn about.

All of these courses are taught by iducate (formerly iCollege), and are known for comprehensive online learning packages covering essential IT topics to help aspiring professionals.

Prepare for official cybersecurity certifications

If you want to start studying basic IT concepts and skills, this bundle gives you a wealth of material to do it at your own pace. 

Get the best price online when you get the 2024 Cybersecurity Developer and IT Skills bundle while it’s on sale for $59.97. 

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