This is for you, old-school nerd dads. | Image: Converse / Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons & Dragons has a bunch of brand collaborations lined up to celebrate the game’s 50th anniversary, but its partnership with Converse is especially neat for old-school players. Converse is releasing a limited edition collection of D&D-themed shoes and apparel next month, most of which has been designed around elements from the earliest versions of the game.

The collection includes several Chuck Taylor All Stars and Chuck 70 iterations that feature illustrations and other assets from D&D’s very first edition, back when it was just called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Characters like Kelek, Warduke, and Zarak, who appeared in the D&D action figure line and the 1983 supplement “The Shady Dragon Inn,” can be seen on a pair of All Stars,…

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