TL;DR: A wide range of online courses from Stanford University are available to take for free on edX.

Stanford University is one of the biggest names in the education game, so it’s probably really difficult to become a student of this famous institution, right? No, actually. Anyone can become a student of Stanford University with a little help from edX.

This online course provider offers a wide range of online courses from Stanford University, covering topics like Python, mathematics, computer science, and much more. And you don’t even need to spend anything to access these online courses.

These are the best Stanford University courses you can take for free this month.

Algorithms: Design and Analysis

Communicating with Presence


Computer Science 101

Databases: Advanced Topics in SQL

Databases: Modeling and Theory

Databases: OLAP and Recursion

Databases: Relational Databases and SQL

How to Learn Math: For Students

How You Say It Matters: A Toolkit for Improving Communications About Academic Standing

Introduction to Food and Health

Introduction to the Natural Capital Project Approach

Language, Proof, and Logic

Living at the Nuclear Brink

Nano at Stanford

Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers 1

Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers 2

R Programming Fundamentals

Semantics of First-Order Logic

Statistical Learning with R

The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism

Your Body Inside and Out: Using Exercise Physiology to Slow Aging

Your Body in the World: Adapting to Your Next Big Adventure

These free courses do not include certificates of completion, but that’s the only catch. You can still learn at your own pace with unlimited access to all the resources on offer, so there’s nothing holding you back.

Find the best free online courses from Stanford University at edX.


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